Integrating photos has never been this easy. Wind Image for ArcMap Wind Image Stand Alone Wind Image Transfer Flawless image integration for ArcGIS users.  Imprint date time, GPS position and attributes right onto your photos. Process photos into hyperlinked and raster embedded datasets and process Ricoh track-logs. Wind image supports all coordinate systems supported within ArcMap and all ESRI Geo-database types (Personal,File and ArcSde). Other Features include: Native Support in both ArcMap and ArcReader for viewing raster embedded datasets, photo thumbnail viewer, a robust set of photo editing tools and integrated layout tools for printing maps with your images. Click here for more information. Wind Image Transfer allows for easy connectivity between the Ricoh 500SE-WIFI camera and Trimble Devices*. Transfer allows users to select the location where images are delivered and enables images to be sent from the camera automatically as soon as the picture is taken. Built in Viewer allows users to view pictures as they are received on the mobile device. Wind Image Transfer delivers images for use with any application such as ArcPad and TerraSync.  Bonus Feature: Only occupies WIFI connection while in use, once Transfer is closed WIFI service is available for other connections. Click here for more information.   Wind Image Stand Alone is the ultimate application for processing images outside of any other program. Users can process images using the Wind Image Stand Alone application accessing a robust set of photo editing tools (i.e. crop, rotate, touch up, red eye reduction, focal blur, etc.) as well as explore the advanced tools for: reporting, documenting, creating kmz, and kml files for use in Google earth, as well as creating Google web maps which ultimately allows users to view images and information in a mapping environment over the world wide web. The advanced image imprinting tools within our Stand Alone application allows users the ability to imprint information such as GPS data, Ricoh memo fields, logos, and personalized text. This application enables users of all skill levels to become more active and explorative when integrating their geo-tagged images to the next level. Click here for more information.    Software Updates & Downloads