Wind Image Transfer Wind Image Transfer Wind Image Transfer allows for easy connectivity between the Ricoh 500SE-WIFI camera and Trimble Devices*. Transfer allows users to select the location where images are delivered and enables images to be sent from the camera automatically as soon as the picture is taken. Built in Viewer allows users to view pictures as they are received on the mobile device. Wind Image Transfer delivers images for use with any application such as ArcPad and TerraSync. Bonus Feature: Only occupies WIFI connection while in use, once Transfer is closed WIFI service is available for other connections. Wind Image Cam Driver for Esri ArcPad *Free* The Wind Image™ Cam Driver DLL allows for seamless image transfer between Wind Image™ Transfer and ESRI® ArcPad® Software. By automating the process of attaching images to features in ArcPad® the Wind Image suite of products provides seamless image integration into your GIS system. The Wind Image™ Cam Driver Support ArcPad 7 and 8 running on Windows Mobile 5 and 6. Click here to download the Wind Image Cam Driver For ArcPad Click here to download the Wind Image brochure Click here to download a trial of Wind Image Transfer Click here to purchase a copy of Wind Image Transfer online Click here to watch Wind Image Training & Support videos online Wind Image Software Home Page