Wind Image for ArcMap Wind Image for ArcMap Flawless image integration for ArcGIS users. Imprint date time, GPS position and attributes right onto your photos. Process photos into hyperlinked and raster embedded datasets and process Ricoh track-logs. Wind image supports all coordinate systems supported within ArcMap and all ESRI Geo-database types (Personal,File and ArcSde). Other Features include: Native Support in both ArcMap and ArcReader for viewing raster embedded datasets, photo thumbnail viewer, a robust set of photo editing tools and integrated layout tools for printing maps with your images. Fully support Esri ArcMap Version 9.2 to 10.1 Click here to download the Wind Image brochure Click here to download the Wind Image Software comparison brochure Click here to download a trial of Wind Image for Esri ArcMap Click here to purchase a copy of Wind Image for Esri ArcMap online Click here to watch Wind Image Training & Support videos online Wind Image Software Home Page