Tuesday, 26th May 2020
ESRI's ArcPad software is a mobile geographic information system (GIS) technology. ArcPad provides database access, mapping, GIS, and global positioning system (GPS) integration to users out in the field via handheld and mobile devices. ArcPad makes field data collection fast and easy, improves data accuracy, and provides immediate data availability and validation. ArcPad leverages existing mapping and GIS software systems and databases. There is no need to convert data to unique portable formats. When a user is finished editing data in the field, changes and additions can be uploaded into the master database in the office. Data can also be provided from the Internet via wireless technology. GPS or differential global positioning system (DGPS) receivers can optionally be added, facilitating direct data capture. Data is now immediately available and validated in the context of an actual map. ArcPad is the low-cost solution for data capture projects in the field. The ability to compare data directly to geographic features in the real world adds a deeper sense of reality to the GIS database. ArcPad enables specialized mapping and data collection in a wide range of industries and applications including power pole maintenance and meter reading for utility companies, vehicle tracking, mineral exploration, habitat studies, crop management, and property damage assessment.

ArcPad Application Builder
Effective mobile GIS workers require applications and tools that have been customized for a specific field task or project. ArcPad Application Builder is the development framework for creating custom solutions for mobile GIS applications and tasks.

ArcPad Steet Map

ESRI's ArcPad StreetMap is designed to maximize the flexibility, productivity, and efficiency of mobile GIS users. ArcPad StreetMap integrates high-quality U.S. street and location data, geocoding, and routing within the existing functionality of ArcPad. With ArcPad StreetMap, users can perform routing,

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